Thursday 28 March 2013

The Spilly Spoon - The Non Spill Medicine Spoon!!!

Mothers R Us are now the proud stockists of the Spilly Spoon, the non spill medicine spoon! You can buy it from our website

I was so excited to bring this product to our customers as I think it's a brilliant idea. The stock of Spilly Spoons arrived today and I was eager to try one out on my own children to see if it really did do what it says on the pack.

I'm sure that every parent has had the medicine battle with the small little spoons you get with the medicine bottles. You put the medicine on and then try to walk carefully to give to your child trying not to spill a drop! Many times I have spilt medicine on my floors, nightmare when you have a child in pain and even distressed or crying. Next, if you have a very young child like me, he is now seven months old, he tries to bash the medicine spoon out of my hand as I'm trying to put it to his mouth resulting in a sticky mess over bedding, clothes, chins and faces. Or the other issue that he takes some off the spoon and then spits it back out, I even hold the spoon there but still it runs down the sides and everywhere, complete nightmare! We even tried using a syringe but my little one still manages to spit the medicine out even if I aim it inside the cheek as advised by the pharmacist or even if towards the back of the throat. It's not just regular medicine I have these issues with but Gripe Water is just as bad, plus when your trying to pour it out of the bottle I don't know why but always runs down the edges of the bottle..grrrrr

Therefore as you can tell I thought when I get this stock I will be buying one for my family. All I can say is its well worth the money over and over ! I tried it tonight for the first time but can tell already how much easier it is gong to make things. To start with I gave my son 5ml of Calpol as he is not well plus teething, he took the medicine no problem, it didn't run out too fast and he was able to take it with no mess, no struggling or anything, easy. Plus what I liked was I filled it to the correct level in the kitchen,  could put it down whilst I put the lid on the bottle and then walk to his bedroom with a
drink in my other hand, I wasn't juggling trying to keep the medicine on the spoon! yipeeee.....

My daughter is also full of cold, she is three years old, decided to try it on her before bed. What I liked was I could put the full dose into the Spilly Spoon instead of having to do two separate doses by the normal spoon. Straight away my daughter was intrigued by my 'Mary Poppin's Spoon' as she called it. I told her she could take it and drink the medicine which she did and had no problems.

Overall I give the Spilly Spoon ten out of ten and highly recommend it. The spoon is good quality and you can tell it will last. Plus what's better is it has been manufactured in Britain and designed by a mum.

You can read about the full benefits on our website and also purchase your Spilly Spoon, just click
HERE.  The Spilly Spoon would also make a great gift for a baby shower if you wanted to get something a little different and useful.

I was thinking that the spoon could also be used to administer cooled boiled water to babies as advised by health visitors if they are thirsty or need a little more fluid due to constipation. I know when we tried to do this on a spoon we had the same issue as the medicine not much went into their mouth but maybe this could help...I bet there are other things too...if you think of anything then comment below :)

Thanks for reading my review of the Spilly Spoon,  what are you waiting for, make your life a little easier and get yours ordered.

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